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Frequently Asked Questions

What should a daily footcare routine look like?

Our feet take us the equivalent of four laps around the globe during our lifetime. That’s a lot of steps, approximately three billion. Your feet carry you every day. In other words, they’re truly everyday heroes that we should take care of daily. And it doesn’t need to be complicated; making your feet nice and soft and ready to take whatever you throw at them only takes a few simple steps.

Here are seven of our foot smart-tips:

  • Wash feet daily
  • Ensure to dry between the toes
  • Wear breathable socks where possible eg cotton
  • Wear sensible shoes whenever possible
  • File the skin on your feet in moderation
  • Do regular foot exercises
  • Moisturise your feet regularly

What is CCS Foot Care Cream and what is it used for?

CCS Foot Care Cream is a hypo-allergenic Swedish foot cream that has been specially formulated to soften and moisturise the hard, rough and calloused skin that naturally accumulates over time.

CCS Foot Care Cream contains urea to help lock in moisture and improve the barrier function of your skin. Each tube is also infused with eucalyptus oil to help soften the skin while also eliminating odour, leaving you with fresh, revitalised, healthy feet.

How does CCS Foot Care Cream work?

The active ingredient in CCS Foot Care Cream is urea, which is a naturally occurring substance in the body that helps to improve the moisture-locking and protective functions of the skin.

CCS Foot Care Cream also contains added eucalyptus oil which eliminates the unpleasant odour of tired, hardworking feet resulting in a freshness that lasts, every day.

How quickly does CCS Foot Care Cream work?

With daily use, CCS Foot Care Cream can produce noticeable, lasting results within just 5 days of use. To maintain your soft, supple skin, it is recommended that you continue to use CCS Foot Care Cream as part of your daily skincare routine.

How to use CCS Foot Care Cream?

CCS Foot Care Cream is for external use only for the treatment of dry, rough feet in adults over the age of 18 years old.

Initially, the recommended dose of CCS Foot Care Cream is twice-daily applications, morning and night. Massage the cream into the feet and cover with socks. The dose can be reduced once you see a noticeable improvement to the condition of your skin.